LiMo Platform

The LiMo Platform is a Linux-based software platform for mobile phones and other handheld devices. LiMo has been renamed Tizen in September 2011.
LiMo is developed by the LiMo Foundation (founded by a group of cellular handset makers and network operators) for handheld devices, and it uses Linux as its operating system. It has a modular plug-in architecture, and supports DRM. LiMo application developers will be able to use SDKs to write managed code running in a Java virtual machine, browser apps for WebKit, and native code.
This platform is not yet released, but it only uses open source components and is built on top of them.


  • LiMo and the mobile software distributions it is related with.
    January 2007: Creation of the LiMo Foundation
  • February 2011: Launch of LiMo 4
  • September 2011: Intel joins LiMo, which is renamed Tizen.
  • January 2012: The LiMo Foundation is renamed Tizen Association.

LiMo 4

LiMo Foundation launched LiMo 4 on 14 February 2011, the latest release of the LiMo Platform. LiMo 4 delivers complete middleware and base application functionality, including a flexible user interface, extended widget libraries, 3D window effects, advanced multimedia, social networking and location based service frameworks, sensor frameworks, multi-tasking and multi-touch capabilities. In addition, support for scalable screen resolution and consistent APIs means that the platform can deliver a consistent user experience across a broad range of device types and form factors.

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